Holiday Swooper Flag & Pole Kit with Ground Spike {EZ836-HOL}

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Draw attention with minimal effort with these 15 ft. tall giant holiday flag kits!. Great for the front line or highlighting any vehicle, these flags flutter & flap with a slight breeze. However, unique design allows this flag to "fly" even when there is no wind. Each Kit includes one flag of your choice, a 4-piece flag pole and a Ground Spike Base. Each flag is 2 feet 5 1/2 inches wide x 11 feet 5 3/4 inches tall and has a sewn sleeve that easily slips over the specially designed flag pole. The 4-piece flag pole is made of anodized aluminum and is slightly over 15 feet tall. The Ground Spike Base stand is made of galvanized steel and is designed to go into dirt, grass or sand.